Men and women alike enjoy getting cute goodnight texts from their significant other. The text leaves them with a smile on their face right before they drift off to sleep and makes for a pleasant night overall. However, a text that is sent to a significant other is different from a text that is sent to someone a person wants to get to know better and possibly have a relationship with. Understanding the difference between the two is of great importance.

Texts for Significant Others

When dating someone, don’t hesitate to send a text that states you love and miss them or how nice it would be to actually be together at that particular moment. In the message, let them know how much special they are or talk about what a great day you had together if part of it was spent as a couple. Of course, this text could always say that you hope you are the star of their dreams that night or something of that nature. These texts can be more personal than those that are sent to someone you are interested in but not actually seeing.

Texts to Let Someone Know You are Interested

Don’t hesitate to use a text to express interest in someone. Tell them you are going to dream about them at night and hope they will dream of you. Mention how it would be nice to cuddle up together when it is cold outside or talk about what an enjoyable time you had when you were last with them. Express interest by commenting on how it would be fun to be spending time together or how going to sleep means the sooner you can be together again.

Goodnight texts can help to brighten the other person’s night and leave them with positive feelings. Be sure to send these texts on a regular basis so they are aware you are thinking of them. It shows that they are important in another person’s life, which is always a good thing. Therefore, this is one step that no person in a relationship or anyone thinking of starting a relationship should overlook.